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whatsmymutt's Journal

What's My Mutt?
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This community is just for the fun of trying to figure out what breeds might've contributed to that lovable mutt in your life. We've all played the game... "What about those paws?" "That looks like a collie coat, doesn't it?" "Where on earth did he get those ears?"

Rules for posting are simple. A picture or pictures of the dog (doesn't actually have to be yours), and any age, size, behavior, or temperament information you want to include. Please be polite about lj-cutting large images. If you know part of the dog's parentage for certain, feel free to list that, but don't list guesses, no matter how obvious they seem. You might miss out on some interesting guesses by biasing people's perspectives, and where's the fun in that?

OK: "My german shepherd/rottweiler mix gave birth to these puppies by Mystery Dog"

Not OK: "I got DogBoy at the pound, and he looks like beagle crossed with something I can't figure out"

Comments can be guesses of any or all breeds you think may have contributed. Do I really need to say "Don't snark about other people's pets" and "Flamewars suck?" Do I? Really?

Some sites with dog breed listings. This is not an endorsement of the sites' products or services, just an handy pointer to basic breed info for most of the common breeds.