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Blue! [Mar. 30th, 2012|03:14 pm]
What's My Mutt?
This little lady's name is Blue. I adopted her when she was 9wks old from the SPCA. When I first got her, they had her breed down as simply "beagle mix," due to her coloring and tail but they said my guess was as good as theirs! As you can see she has one blue eye so the vet initially told us after we brought her home that she was probably a beagle/aussie mix. It seemed perfectly plausible to me. BUT, this girl is growing-- and FAST. She's 13 weeks old now and weighed in yesterday at just under 25lbs! Call me crazy, but that's one seriously huge beagle/aussie mix since at full grown beagles average 20-30, i believe, and female aussies 40-55lbs. If that's the case then that would make her nearly half her adult weight at 13wks!

So, now I'm wondering if she may actually be a beagle/husky cross, which would still explain the bi-colored eyes. For all I know, she could be something else entirely! 

I'd LOVE to get some opinions on this!