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What is she? [Jan. 20th, 2008|02:59 pm]
What's My Mutt?



This is Macy, my parents adopted her from the pound a few months ago and we really don't know exactly what she is. She's about a year old, stands about 13 inches at the shoulder, and weighs about 40 lbs. Macy is mostly black, as you can see, with white patches, and bits of dark brown all over. She has a wide head, triangular ears, and some pretty massive jaw muscles, but she has a pretty thin frame. The hair on her head and chest is soft but the rest of her is covered in coarse bristly fur. She is very friendly but sometimes destructive (she tore up Mom's garden and chewed the plastic off the spa cover). She usually doesn't destroy stuff if she has a really tough toy to chew on though. She also loves to play fetch and hates being left alone. If anybody has any idea what kind of dog she is, I'd love to hear from you.

[User Picture]From: cultofthestar
2008-01-21 09:11 pm (UTC)
My guess would be some sort of terrier, but its tough to pick which one(s) exactly! Though... the face looks a little griffon-ish (there's a griffon pointer as well as the PBGV and the toy griffon). The great thing about mutts is that they are usually so intermixed with other breeds that its almost impossible to distinguish a clear "breed".
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